We love to answer any questions you may have about the running course by COACH using our contact form but these frequently asked questions may also help.

What is the Running Course by COACH?

The Running Course by COACH is 16 Chapters of video and written pdf content covering all aspects of running. Delivered by an Olympic Running Coach, a Psychologist, a Physiotherapist and a Nutritionist, the course provides a holistic look at running from every angle.


Is the course suitable for all abilities?

Yes. The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in running and the content is relevant to runners of all abilities and all distances.


Can I download the videos?

The videos can be streamed on any device, computer, tablet, phone or smart TV. We hope to be able to offer offline download in the future though an app but, currently, an internet connection is required to view the video content. Every chapter is accompanied by a mobile friendly downloadable pdf to help you bring the learning with you and to assist with applying the knowledge into your running.


Is this a subscription service?

No, the Running Course by COACH is yours for life for a single one-off payment. This includes all future updates to the course.


I’m interested but can I try it out first?

Absolutely! We want you to be able to see and hear the quality of the content, beyond a promotional video, so we have made the entire 20 minute first chapter available for FREE! You can also watch 16 preview videos of the chapters on our homepage to get a feel for the diversity of the content.


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